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Sealed Sega Game Gear games, Shining Force: Sword of Hayja and much more!

Hello cockers! The weather is shit here, i feel a bit depressed and it’s time for a new update! Let’s talk about Sega Game Gear. You know what’s that? That’s a crappy handheld console sega did in the 90. It … Continue reading

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Killer Instinct & Shenmue : Blister vs no Blister , Metal Gear 2 Snake’s Revenge, Mega Man 2, Zelda OOT.

A couple of funny comparison auctions for you meanwhile. Here is a very minty BLISTER sealed killer instinct . Sold for 250 euro. Quite a high price for this game, since the GAME itself is very common. I guess most common fighting … Continue reading

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Legend of Zelda N64 with guide blister bundle, PC Morrowind CE, PC Fallout Survival Edition, Resident Evil 3 PC, PC World of Warcraft CE

Thought i’d post some more while they are running! Many neat goodies here! First of all: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64  with guide. In one sexy blister pack. I’ve seen the Majora bundle and the Conker bundle as … Continue reading

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