Discord server is up!

Hello my sexy sealed collectors! While i was away from collecting due to family and life reasons i still own the majority of games. Today i will be relaunching SVG with a brand new discord server open for everyone to discuss anything you want, being it video games or life!


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Sony PS: Suikoden I & II PAL Factory Sealed!

Not dead yet boys!

There’s a couple of interesting items i found on ebay recently.

Damn nice Suikoden here, a small crack but still very rare to find one like this. Especially running like an auction. Both look like german versions, but the first one has english in-game text.

And here’s second one:

Overall seller has a wide selection of RPGs both PAL and NTSC. Worth checking!

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Selling lots of sealed RPGs on egay!

Hey foaks.

Shit is tougher than ever here in Russia, and i had to launch some stuff from 0.99 in order to be able to fund my august vacations somehow.

Lots of good stuff there!


Miracle Warriors for SMS, Disgaea first print, Fallout Brotherhood of Steel in great condition. Dark Wizard for Sega CD, Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia LIMITED EDITIONShin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga Deluxe Box and much more


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