For Sale: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Game of the Year Edition Sony PS3 VGA 85+ Archival Sealed on ebay!

Hello everyone!



Just wanted to chime in and let you know i am getting rid on my ONLY VGA game that i got through competition: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Game of the Year Edition VGA 85+ Archival Sealed! The listing starts at 0.99$ and shipping is 20$ worldwide. Feel free to bid.

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Super Nintendo/SNES NTSC/US Sealed Video Guide!

Hello everyone!

Today i’m starting a new chapter in SVG life with an upcoming series of video sealed guides! Yes, you’ve heard it. VIDEO SEALED GUIDES! Writing is good, but i think even ONE video is much better than a tonn of posts and pictures that would vanish anyway.

There is a new menu section as well. Check it out.

I would gladly hear your comments!

I will do more videos soon about other regions and other platforms! Started with the easiest one!

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SNES Harvest Moon Sealed for 3783$

SNAG-0004Wazup boys! It’s been a while, but i am still here, observing shit from a garbage bin.

Some time ago NATSUME company appeared on ebay and started selling all kind of their stuff, actively.. Mostly Harvest Moon, but there was Lufia and lot of merch as well. From all crap they sell, most noticeably  was this HARVEST MOON for SNES, sealed. Sold for 3783$ for noone else but the biggest VGA whore and reseller, rarelucky are rarebucky. So you will see it again soon, for “cheap” 29999$, VGA GRADED.

Previously they sold Lufia 2 for 806$ and Rocky & Pocky for 670$

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