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NES – Super Mario Bros factory sealed 7 days auction

Just wanted to post this gem fast! Found it today and the auction has just started. But ALREADY 660$! lol. Just imagine how much will it fetch. Four figures at least. This is a white seal copy (later release). I … Continue reading

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Super Adventure Island 2, Super Mario RPG, Swat Kats, Metal Warriors, Final Fight 2, Lost Vikings 2 + PAL CIB shite

Some new abnormal prices for last week and for a week before that. Let’s start from last weeks.. First – a rare Super Adventure Island 2  for 960$. Hard to estimate if it’s too much or not. But i can’t remember if … Continue reading

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There’s really great auction going at the moment. Just wanted to make a quick post. Has both Alundra’s and even Persona and Wild Arms! Some games has flaws but the lot is still good. LUNAR SILVER STAR STORY GHOST IN … Continue reading

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