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Blister Madness 2013 – Alladin, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat and more..

2013 started with some nice french blisterness again, with some good titles and high prices. I love blisters. I even have Ax Battler for game gear in blister. Well. Mostly because i could not find a US version sealed. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Donkey Kong Country PAL blister, Duck Tales, Castlevania Vampire’s Kiss REAL DEAL Blister?

Well this is gonna be expensive : DONKEY KONG COUNTRY NINTENDO SUPER NES 1 day to go and already 2310 euro. Pretty impressive and is already over the record 2016 euro of Super Mario World (classics). God knows what will be in … Continue reading

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PAL Madness: Metroid NES, Resident Evil in blister, Super Mario All Stars, Soleil, Super Hydlide

I am sorry for a delay. Been lazy ass 🙂 Time to clear the watchlist as most of this stuff ended ages ago. First of all – an original PAL sticker sealed metroid.As far as i know this is FUCKING … Continue reading

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