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Some info about current staff

Me, aka Dark Sol, from Russia. I’ve been collecting since 1995 and actively since 2003, with one largest videogame collection in Russia now. About 800 original videogames in my collection now with about 500 sealed. I was top poster on both original SGH boards in 2007-2010. Most love to PC gaming and Sega Genesis. 

We had nothing but piracy in Russia and it was extremely hard to find original stuff. I wonder how it even appeared here. But we had some american cartridges and japanese ones as well. I guess someone imported them as contraband by sea. Right now i have one of largest videogames collections in russia. Since about 2005 i turned into sealed collecting, which i guess was a realistic upgrade to my collecting habits.

I am back from the days when people hunted for games. Traded games. Waited a lot to get AT LEAST ONE new game. Now situation is different. You can easily find anything if you have a tonn of cash to spend. But you won’t become a “collector” in a blink of an eye. It’s an extreme obssession, a sickness of some kind. Reality is this : those who buy fast , sell out even faster. But that’s not what i am talking about..

I am one from those naive people who still care about fellow collectors, enjoy trading and helping for free. I am not a complete altruist though, noooo…. i love money! But it’s smallest among my priorities. I HOPE that money cannot buy reputation and friendship yet. I don’t like people who are in “collecting” just for money. You know that.. buy low and sell high. I am all over for a small profit, but god damn, profiting and manipulating on newbie collectors is evil. And i hate big resellers. People who buy and sell games just for profit. That just hijacks the market.

So i decided to let this site live as a home for retro collectors who are hardcore, both new and old, nostalgic and naive sometimes. Who like helping each other more then sucking money.


Happyheed, from UK. One of most knowledgeable persons in PAL world. The master of Nintendo 64 and very oldschool collector. God only knows how many stuff he has there..

Gemini-Phoenix, from UK. Legenady collector of “everything”. Living encyclopedia of all kind of Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition stuff. He’s been collecting for many years and amassed  a huge collection from steelbook films to lego and videogames. An icon for most newbie collectors for his passion and dedication.

SammelHammel, from Germany. The original moderator from old SGH and the one who formed SGH with Pascal in 2007. Also once worked for Square-Enix europe! My big friend and passionate Playstation 1 and 2 collector. Not as active anymore, but still important 🙂

theharrison, from UK. Retired admin from late SGH era, busy father and extremely experienced collector, undisputed Zelda – Ocarina of Time champion of the world.

Also i would like to personally thank Ervin from Norway for invaluable donations for me and my project. Thank you Ervin!

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