Why another sealed games community?

A bit of history for beginning.

Year 2007.

There once was a community dedicated to sealed videogames collecting called Sealed Game Heaven. It was a very small and unique forum of friends obssessed with their passion of collecting sealed games, guides, consoles, etc…

After about a year, changes struck us all, we had to move to another host and lost forum database. We’ve started everything from scratch (yet i was completely ashamed nothing could be saved). Time passed and forum led by  Pascal from Germany, evolved into a website with a blog, separate site for sealed auctions, guides, galleries and many other neat features.

About two years later Pascal lost the will to collect and changed his life priorities. The site had to change his admin and so came a great man called “theharrison” from UK. That man kept the place together and did it well. But there was a problem that pesisted. The whole admin “stuff” was in german and hard to figure since Pascal was german and the whole forum and website and all the rest was greatly modified. It should had been corrected in order to move on. And then came another person called Frozentoast. Quickly becoming a mod (for some stupid reason!) this person was quite intelligent and helpful as a tech and designer but as a mod was total asspuke. Some time later the forum was “supposedly” hacked (which i believe was bullshit) by original admin Pascal. This turned forum off as Pascal actually wanted to do a “comeback” but registered under same username. Since some data of him being an old admin was still in databases, banning him was like banning the founder. lol. So Toast killed forum himself as he banned Pascal on sight. The forum barely was there. Then Frozentoast (who was a tech admin at that time) singlehandedly purchased a new software for the forum and installed a completely new forum importing all info from the old one. He thought it would be “better” with all gay features he implemented. Some people liked the changes some not. Some just left. Frozentoast asked no opinions anyway. theharrison just could not pay for forum software Toast purchased on his own and under pressure had to retire from admin post. So he gave all admin privileges to Frozentoast and almost retired. Then came the doom. Fastly, another assfuck was promoted to a mod, the greatest reseller, fella of Frozentoast and biggest VGA whore of all times – the “rarebucky”. And i lost the will to be there at all. There were no more people to talk to literally…all old mods were either banned, demodded or lost the will to post anything. So we had to build a new home for us where we could nostalgically rant about the golden days….

This is why you see a second “Sealed Game Heaven”. Which is supposed to be “back to the roots”.

This is what’s left of old members of original Sealed Game Heaven year 2007-2008. That’s it. I was one of the oldest SGH members and top poster on both original boards.

Right now the original SGH is back with the new team led by “rarecube” and “Sandrik” who purchased everything from Frozentoast to save the community. They did a good job overall. The old SGH is still there. But the VGA virus is still there as well (ironically Pascal hated VGA a lot and removed all VGA links back then. hehe. ). So unless people like “rarebucky” will be removed from there this place will be here for all the real collectors to talk and trade. FREELY

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  1. justice says:

    As it seems thats the true story here….
    I missed you in the forum already DarkSol, i even clicked on your profile today… 🙁
    Thanks for this great, second SGH-forum, as sad as it is…
    Your mate,

    justice 🙂

  2. enze says:

    pooassol havent mentioned my name a single time 😥

    poobear was the best admin and runned it with his iron fist. noobs or totally brainfucked idiots who just signed up, got hyped up and pushing just auctions for decent collectors were striktly banned.

    this is the only thin i hated on the new board. it was welcome and open to all kind of totally retards. main goal was just to increase the member number, the quality was no priority anymore. Which means the old guys from sgh were sacrificed for a hand full noobs tards and nerds you could not imagine.

    Yes i agree i miss the old times 2.

    it makes me sick to see some motherfuckers sign up…got hyped up and starting to buy shit like insane. to sell out a few month later just like :justice:

    you need a new url, a new layout/design.

    the space invaders theme is nice ^^

    i suggest some deeper colors – like black (digitpress)
    to make sure this is the alternative noob free online opposite.

    pls no more white and creamy gay blue tones. we need something special, somethig with character. some deeper colors!


    you sons of a bitches :wow:

  3. Lux says:

    So you left… too bad really, well I hope we can have a chat together on your website now : )

  4. Sammelhammel says:

    Hey bro…I really really like this side.
    I checked all the latest auctions and I am really suprised.
    Some prices are insane.
    I really like the style. Please go on and post more sealed auctions.

    Sammelhammel – Co-Founder of sgh

  5. darksol says:

    Thank you very much my great friend! I will continue develping the site indeed! Thanx for donation mate! Be sure to check on us from time to time 🙂

  6. rarecube says:

    Yeah… Awesome auction links. Great taste !
    Have you thought about having links to live/ongoing auctions instead of ended auctions so people would be more hook into coming to your site more frequentely so they dont miss any good deal.

    rarecube – sealedgameheaven

    • darksol says:

      hehe thanx Val!
      Yes i indeed will post some live auctions! Just lacking time for it now. Cannot do everything at once, still testing a lot of things 🙂
      If you would like to post something i can make you an author and you can post yourself. lol

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