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Sealed Video Games Blog Entry #6 – Video Game Haul #1

Hey dudes! I’ve got soooo many games that i decided to do a seperate video about it. I think i got about 40! So it’s a long video but there are many good titles to check šŸ™‚ ohh and don’t … Continue reading

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Zelda – Wand of Gamelon and Link – Faces of Evil VGA90 for Philips CD-I

Hey guys! Our member BsavageĀ is selling some nice crap here. Check it out. I especially wanted to feature those two Philips CD-I games.Ā Zelda – Wand of Gamelon and Link – Faces of EvilĀ . All yours for a small fee of … Continue reading

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Donkey Kong Country 2 PAL, Secret of Evermore PAL, Illusion of Time PAL, Worms

Hello people! Our competition proceeds well. Even though i’ve butchered the pics greatly, several people guessed almost all games already as far as i know. What an amazing result! We need to make it even harder next time šŸ™‚ We … Continue reading

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