Sealed Video Games Blog Entry #6 – Video Game Haul #1

Hey dudes!
I’ve got soooo many games that i decided to do a seperate video about it. I think i got about 40! So it’s a long video but there are many good titles to check 🙂

ohh and don’t forget about our competition cause it will soon finish!

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8 Responses to Sealed Video Games Blog Entry #6 – Video Game Haul #1

  1. lefalaja says:

    first, i agree with your t-shirt 🙂

    second, you are a filthy xcom whore 🙂

    third, that is a lot of nice ce games WOW
    i’m sure your girlfriend would be so happy for you LOL

    still love your sexy lips *)

  2. Geobros says:

    wow!!! Many games this time, i enjoyed after 18 min to be honest when PC games started. This Diablo bundle looks rare!!

  3. Spinetwist says:

    Hey Darksol,
    Nice collection man. I collect old Heroes of might and magic 1 games sealed. I had a question, I have one that has a 3d0 logo and one that has a SPA logo. Is one worth more? I also have 3 sealed heroes 2 big box games but they look to be the same.


    • darksol says:

      Hello! It’s nice to see another Heroes collector! What is a SPA logo anyway? Shoot me a picture please!
      By the way if you have Heroes 6 CE and maybe some other dupes i will be interested as well.

  4. Henry says:

    I like your site but get malware warning when I go to it. You might want to fix it so more people can visit.

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