NOS of Nintendo SNES and N64 found in Chile!

Who could have known that SNES and N64 were also imported in Chile back in the days? Well.. looks like they actually were!


The story of this NOS (new old stock) is pretty cool.

“We are from Chile and my uncle bought two warehouses of nintendo, of the 90s. Actually we do not know from how long such wineries not open, but what we found inside was a large sum of nintendo sealed products, many have already been sold in Chile and the world, controls of the Nintendo 64, NES and SNES consoles what we sell is what Ebay now, anywhere in the world”.


the listing consists of :

X-men (snes)           x3 
Spawn (snes)           x1
Killer Instinct (snes) x10
T2 Arcade Game  (snes) x1
Power Instinct  (snes) x1
Mickey USA Speedway(N64)x4
Super Street Fighter 2 (snes) x54
Mario Paint (snes)     x17
Dr. Mario   (GB)       x1
Pokemon Stadium  (N64) x9
Mk3  (snes)            x9
Super Goal 2    (snes) x1
BameBoy Classic        x19
Super Mario Bross 3(NES)x1
Sunset Riders (snes)   x1
Street Fighter 2 (snes)    x6

lot3Bameboy is actually GAMEBOY of cause. And i must say that’s most impressive amount of bricks i’ve ever seen for sale. In fact i can’t remember ANYONE selling 19 sealed GAMEBOYs at once! Even if we take each gameboy as 200$ that is 19×200=3800$ki

As for the titles… Let’s see. There are no super rare or expensive titles here. Everything is pretty much cheap except the GAMEBOYs themselves. Mortal Kombat is a great title but cheap, Killer Instinct.. I remember those selling for 5$ each, 8 years ago. Looks like these might drop again. Sunset Riders is pretty expensive game sealed, but i don’t see it pictured. Mario Paints are not so common sealed,  but absolutely not desired. And i can say for sure – Super Street Fighter 2 would be TOTALLY WORTHLESS now! LOL. The boxes of Killer Instincts are pleasure for the eyes :))

Currently 7500$ and climbing! Imagine someone mad enough to paypal to chile, pay motherload for shipping, grade all that pile and try reselling for 2000$ for each gameboy for next 30 years 🙂

UPDATE: Auction is HERE now with some less stuff but higher price. Already 19000 USD! 

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3 Responses to NOS of Nintendo SNES and N64 found in Chile!

  1. lefalaja says:

    that is for sure crazy LOL
    but non of that is very special.
    gameboy is of course nice 🙂

  2. Geobros says:

    wtf is that??? I can’t image the thoughts of someone who paid much for a Super Street Fighter for example….LOL!!

  3. suicide says:

    I haven’t seen so much ntsc poop in my life.

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