Prices Database

Here you can find some statistics of prices we managed to accumulate together. This is a matter of years and years of observation.

How is it different from other charts?

All other sites provide an AUTOMATED and OUTDATED info, gathered from webcrawlers from amazon and ebay active auctions. This is not accurate information as it does not reflect the actual sales. Pretty much useless…

My idea is to give absolutely realistic prices based on ACTUAL sales, proved by actual feedbacks.  I am observing the sales daily and input info one by one. So prices are 100% real. If it’s recorded and you see if – then it has indeed happened.

My idea is to give a price range between the lowest price ever noticed and the absolute record price. So you will have indea what is the decent price for this or that game.

Unfortunately i came up with the idea too late, and i have to gather many info from scratch. So not much now, but it will grow.

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