Zelda – Wand of Gamelon and Link – Faces of Evil VGA90 for Philips CD-I

Hey guys!


Our member Bsavage is selling some nice crap here. Check it out. I especially wanted to feature those two Philips CD-I games. Zelda – Wand of Gamelon and Link – Faces of Evil . All yours for a small fee of 20.000 USD each. Good deal here.


Have you even heard of CDI? It was an extremely lame and shitty attempt of Philips to compete with the disk-based monsters of the nineties. But it was a complete failure because of high price, crappy controls and horrible games.  It is proudly listed as one of the worst video game systems of all times. Still it’s considered collectible no matter what, and has some expensive games.. Like the Zelda games for example. They are horrible as hell  but still fetch over a 100$/each CIB.

The boxes are shitty envelope-like sleeves which are easily damaged. So a VGA90 grade is like the best you can ever get if you ever consider collecting for CDI or a big Zelda nerd.

Ohh and our Competition ends on 22th of March, so send your answers while you still can!

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