Donkey Kong Country 2 PAL, Secret of Evermore PAL, Illusion of Time PAL, Worms

Hello people!

Our competition proceeds well. Even though i’ve butchered the pics greatly, several people guessed almost all games already as far as i know. What an amazing result! We need to make it even harder next time 🙂

We are featured in many places and all major gaming forums as well. People flow in. That is awesome too!

Now to the news part. We have a couple of great auctions today!


First and more rare is Donkey Kong Country 2 PAL UK with nintendo red strip. This is really rare, i believe only a couple of known copies exist. Even though condition is far from good, still a great SUPER rare game to own sealed. 820 gbp (over 1200 USD!) and climbing!


What a great piece!

Next is Secret of Evermore from same seller! Original UK version as well. 360 gbp with 2 days to go! Also very rare, just few copies known in collectors hands. I believe will climb even more!

There’s Illusion of Time  (Illusion of Gaia in US) as well in the tail with 89 gbp. That’s an instant collection right here. Which is quite awesome!


Also same seller has great NTSC games like Blackthorne and Ultima Runes of Virtue  . I wonder why he has such a mix of NTSC and PAL. Maybe seller was some kind of RPG collector.

Lastly i’ve stumbled upon a sealed copy of WORMS for Sega Mega Drive. I’ve never actually seen a sealed copy on ebay before. It was a cool game for it’s time. I was a big fan of worms back in the days. Played the hell out of Worms Armageddon and still love that crap 🙂 Better be played with friends though 🙂

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  1. Geobros says:

    Wow!! Those are some really rare titles for Snes Pal console. As I know, this is the second known copy of DKC 2 and this Evermore is the 4th! I think Evermore will finish about 1000 pounds…for DKC 2 i can’t say as its damaged.

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