Super Adventure Island 2, Super Mario RPG, Swat Kats, Metal Warriors, Final Fight 2, Lost Vikings 2 + PAL CIB shite

Some new abnormal prices for last week and for a week before that.

Let’s start from last weeks.. First – a rare Super Adventure Island 2  for 960$. Hard to estimate if it’s too much or not. But i can’t remember if i even saw some for sale…So this looks rare to me. And the game is just uber nes classic. So for the right nerd it’s worth a lot indeed. The price just confirmed it.

From same seller came another Metal Warriors  . This one sold for 1875$. Seriously.. three copies just for a month! Looks like the rarity might drop on this one. A very overpriced J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: Volume 1  for 125$ was strange to me. I guess it was just dragged into bidding hiatus along with the others. It’s a 40$ game.

Next on to final fights! lol. Someone snagged a rare Final Fight 2  for 500$. I wonder who was it… hm…..Good deal on that imho! You don’t see this game available at all. The third, on the contrary is pretty common.

On the contrary some n00b overpaid for Final Fight  . 208$ is insane for this game. A record.

But we have even more records to follow. I have no idea why snes attracts so many people nowadays… PS1 for example is not that popular now.

Lost Vikings 2 VGA90 for 600$. Words escape me on this. A 40$ game. lol. Did vga90 multiplied it’s cost SO MUCH??? Looks like a brain fart to me.

Clayfighter 2 vga85+ for 250$??? Did someone eat to much poop for breakfast? It’s one of most common games for snes. Usually sells for 25$.

Swat Kats VGA85+ for 798?? Well… This is a good game at least.. But it never sold for more then 200-250$. And i missed a time lapse when it became UBER RARE… lol. Cause it NEVER HAPPENED.

Ok more insanity: Super Mario RPG VGA85 for 800$. My records indicate that it is possibly the highest price ever paid for this game in any condition.

Someone got a “good” deal on that Street Fighter 2 for 250$. Well.. maybe he thought he got a good deal. But he did not. lol.

Case of 6 sealed Killer Instincts sold for RIDICULOUS 1200$. You must be TRULY retarded to pay that for one of most common games after f-zero and vegas stakes. Even if these all would grade U90 it would take YEARS to sell em for profit. And the total selling profit would hardly even reach the price paid… lol

I would like to feature some PAL CIB games today. Simply because they are truly rare. Our fellow “justice” sells his gems AGAIN. Captain Commando is one of those games rare in both PAL and NTSC region. Might be even rarer in PAL! Look at the price! And it’s not even sealed. And how about a CIB Hagane? You won’t see it often too. Wild Guns is more common but still expensive too.

The last but not the least. A genny hidden gemity gem. An absolutely unknown game to me. What mesmerized me is an ending price. 156$ for genesis NHL Hockey. Who could know there is someone in the world who can pay that for a genesis sport game?

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