Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition SOLD OUT in under 3 days!

And Here i am crawling from my cave!! Guess what happened? A new Fallout game!

Holy fucking shit boys! That is some serious hype out there. Crazy. I thought i would preorder one but FUCK ME i am already too late lol. How is that? Under 3 days and that shit sold out everywhere even in bethesda stores! If you listen to me boys!!! Please preorder me USA PC one if you find it anywhere!


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Security Issues Part 2

Hey guys, DS here.

After i returned from vacation in january the host took down the account, cause of too much script abuse. I did some research and looks like the wp-phpbb bridge was used by spammers/bots A LOT.  I deactivated it for now as well as new forum registrations for a week, to see if that will solve the problem

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Security Issues! (updated 01/12/14)

Hello guys!

I’ve encountered some security issues across the hosting account.

Basically, something inserts a redirect link to some silly website to the header of the wordpress theme. While it’s not dangerous, it’s still nasty and the shit spreaded across the host to other websites. I’ve changed fto password and cleaned the shit, we’ll see if this helps.

Google thinks site is infected, while it’s not atm. They will reconsider.

But the problem MAY return.

If you get any kind of SPAM or any issues, or you think you were hacked or something like that – please contact me through here



UPDATE 01/12/14:

Everything is fixed now. Had to disabler pingback and also all comments from unregistered users. They generated too much spam

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