SNES Harvest Moon Sealed for 3783$

SNAG-0004Wazup boys! It’s been a while, but i am still here, observing shit from a garbage bin.

Some time ago NATSUME company appeared on ebay and started selling all kind of their stuff, actively.. Mostly Harvest Moon, but there was Lufia and lot of merch as well. From all crap they sell, most noticeably  was this HARVEST MOON for SNES, sealed. Sold for 3783$ for noone else but the biggest VGA whore and reseller, rarelucky are rarebucky. So you will see it again soon, for “cheap” 29999$, VGA GRADED.

Previously they sold Lufia 2 for 806$ and Rocky & Pocky for 670$

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1 Response to SNES Harvest Moon Sealed for 3783$

  1. lefalaja says:

    This is 2016. Old video games costing thousands of dollars is so 2012.
    Who in the right mind is going to spend money on graded games today!?
    You need to wake up and smell the shit oil cos you are just making you future
    worse then a pregnant mexican whore in down town LA.

    30k for a game! Would never buy it, even if i had millions in my account.
    Worse nightmare for all us collectors are the so-called great big collectors.


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