Killer Instinct & Shenmue : Blister vs no Blister , Metal Gear 2 Snake’s Revenge, Mega Man 2, Zelda OOT.

A couple of funny comparison auctions for you meanwhile.

Here is a very minty BLISTER sealed killer instinct . Sold for 250 euro. Quite a high price for this game, since the GAME itself is very common. I guess most common fighting game for SNES. And i love this game. Still have my minty US version for playing!

Here is another version but it’s RED NINTENDO STRIP Killer Instinct . Some weird residue on it though. Sold for just 82gbp. And i think i saw it selling for even lower price before. That is the power of the blister, dudes. And i guess it’s pretty valuable to mention that i bought an NTSC version for 5$ years ago. Now ntsc version ain’t worth poo too.. Millions of copies out there i believe.

Another cool comparison:

 Shenmue 2  sealed. Shrinkwrap version. Sold for 152 euro.

Shenmue  sealed. Blister version. 237 euro!!! And it’s the first, more common game released translated in both PAL and NTSC format. Quite cool i’d say.

More NEUF goodness:

ZELDA Ocarina Of Time Pal FR Nintendo 64 NEUF VGA 85 = 386 EURO. We don’t see many french games vga graded. I think that’s actually first i see. lol. But as far as i could understand that’s a belgium version realeased for PAL territories (seller was in Switzerland too). The price is pretty impressive anyway for a common version.

More blister goodness for ya today:

MEGAMAN 2  almost made it to the top with 705 EURO. Not enough to beat previous record though!

METAL GEAR 2  : Snake’s Revenge was SUPER SEXY. Really a gem to own for PAL collector! Not many of those in the world i believe. Just think about how many survived…

And the price was not extraorbital too (compared to other french poo) , just 308 EURO.

See ya!

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  1. Azerty says:

    Megaman 2 in french is really rare as Metal Gear 2 is the second most common new game on NES…

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