Legend of Zelda N64 with guide blister bundle, PC Morrowind CE, PC Fallout Survival Edition, Resident Evil 3 PC, PC World of Warcraft CE

Thought i’d post some more while they are running! Many neat goodies here! First of all: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64  with guide. In one sexy blister pack. I’ve seen the Majora bundle and the Conker bundle as well i guess. This one i see for the first time. Wonder how much will it fetch. Price is already 251$ with 7 hours to go.

Next are Sealed World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition (PC/Mac) . Price is 1625$ already. These are expensive as hell all the time. I wonder why. Millions are there….I guess MMO nerds are elite… lol

Here is a sexy UK Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for PC Big Box with a day to go. Very sexy! Daaamn.. It got pretty common recently, i guess someone found an old stock. But still that’s the only way to grab original PC edition.

Castlevania in french blister here! Castlevania N64 . Damn hardcore shit. And that’s Castlevania. i mean…it costs some $$. Wonder how much will it go.

Same seller has Golden Axe II  for MD in blister as well!

Next is a amazon exclusive Fallout 3 (Survival Edition)  for PC at 75$ and 1 day to go. They were 65$ some years ago… now they are about 300$. And incredible sexy shit with a pipboy clock. We’ll see how this one do.

Some SNES shill bidding here: Mega Man X  395$ ??? you must be fucking kidding me. . Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus  for 150$??? Seriosuly PRESS REPORT BUTTON NOW!

And with The Elder Scrolls on the rise time to sell your TES shit, people! For example that Morrowind CE that was was widely available for 19$ last year. Not it’s not back to normal but… even more then that. Prices became ridiculous. This one The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Collectors Edition at 255$ with 2 days to go!

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