Resident Evil 1 PC & Sony PS1, TES – Arena, Panzer Dragoon Saga VGA 85

Hello people! First of all some stuff from the past. There was a very interesting auction for a sealed UK original edition of Resident Evil . The game is damn rare. Even though it’s no big deal to find a used copy and even a sealed copy of RE3 now, finding an original sealed copy of RE1 is nearly impossible. In fact it’s first one i see. And i’ve never seen a US version either. The ending was a last seconds bidding war with final bid at 77 gbp. Pretty impressive i must say. I didn’t expect such interest and actually wanted to win even though i am a bum. lol

Another one is Resident Evil for Ps1, the jewel box edition. But damn rare too! And VGA85 copy sold for 900$ which is a fucking record for sure. Impressive. But game is pure classic, like, timeless! In fact this is maybe my favorite playstation game. Period. And price will grow!

A couple of idiotic graded games sold here. Maybe they didn’t sell. I hope. Maybe shill bidded. lol VGA graded MS. Pac-man for the SNES 80 + NM and VGA graded killer instinct for the SNES 85 NM+.

There was a rare original golden seal MEGA MAN 1 for NES listed for 6k$ but it has vanished. I guess to a private deal.


What was interesting for me is a sealed copy of the Elder Scrolls Chapter 1 – ARENA. With Skyrim marching the market right now , the TES stuff must be high. And it is indeed. People buying crappy Morrowinds like cakes. The 208$ mark for a fdd version is quite impressive. Especially assuming the floppies ate long dead. lol. I am dreaming to find a sealed deluxe set… ahh dreams…..

The poor Super Mario RPG Factory Sealed VGA 80+ pulled only 306$. Too bad for pathetic vga. Even crappy copies sold for 400$ years ago. Even though the game itself is very common.  Some idiot even bought Sonic the Hedgehog 2 VGA Graded 85  for 90$. So… whatever…

Also i noticed some interesting auctions today which are still running. So i thought i should point em out. First of all PANZER DRAGOON SAGA, 1998 Sega Saturn, GRADED VGA 85 . Will be interesting to watch this one. 10 days to go. A classic game. An expensive one. Will VGA add to the price? Time will show. But even a decent sealed copy sells for 400$.

Our fellow member sells a rare pal Killer Instinct SNES set here , 5 hours to go!! The price is 160gbp now! New Sealed Super Nintendo Snes Console Killer Instinct … . Very nice Azure Dreams (Sony PlayStation 1, 1998)  here for low price. And a SNES Gemfire (Super Nintendo, 1993) here.

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