Zelda – Link’s Awakening for 1270$, ID Anthology, Diablo, Mario Kart 64

A couple of things to clear from watchlist.

First of all Zelda Link’s Awakening for Gameboy VGA85 sold for 825 GBP which is around 1270$. Astonishing price, i wonder was it real or not. Most inetresting that it’s been sold from UK, i guess the seller is one of ours ūüôā

Next is Wonder Boy in Monster World for Genesis. 26$. Too bad i could not bid on it. One of oldest are rarest sega games. The price is not even funny ūüôĀ

Also a pretty wicked PAL duke nukem 3D for sega saturn. the price was 50 euro. Not bad.

The cracked Diablo   for Sony PS1 sold for 147$. rare game to find in good condition! And always expensive. I own a copy too and i bet mine was more expensive.

Streets of Rage 2 for Sega Genesis which looked like a reseal ended at 72$.

And that is interesting. A wicked Final Fantasy IX  sealed with original guide! No wonder the 100$ price is higher then normal. Unique piece indeed!

The Pal Mario Kart 64 sold for 152 EURO.

The¬†The Id Anthology¬†was there for 400$ with best offers and nu lick for months. And FINALLY it’s sold with BIN. The price is good btw! Quite rare to find sealed! I also need a copy to my small ID collection.

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  1. Cyril says:

    This game was mine & is registred on VGA Authority on my name.
    I have sold it for 700$ after negociate.
    Kings regards

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