PAL Sealed Madness 2011

These auctions may be quite an epic finale of 2011.

The seller michael93-77 has extraordinary amount of rare rpg games. All sticker sealed. All rare. I wonder what kinda editions are that… Are they UK editions or some AUS editions or some special french editions? Scandinavian? Looks like the last one.. Most games listed as French, Belguim and Luxembourg? Also some.. Nederlandese…? wtf??? hard to tell about pal stuff. So many editions. Actually.. it’s hard even to say if those are legit. But even CIB, these games worth something. So take a look while you still can. 7 hours to go! 

Killer Instinct Neuf Scellé Super Nintendo FAH at 18 euro

Super Mario Kart Neuf Scellé Super Nintendo FAH at 100 euro

Secret Of Mana Neuf Scellé Super Nintendo FAH at 151 euro

Super Mario All Stars Neuf Scellé Super Nintendo FAH at 40 euro

The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past Neuf Scellé Supe… at 81 euro

Super Metroid Neuf Scellé Super Nintendo FAH at 112 euro

he also has lots of other CIB games as well as some CIB ntsc stuff!

PS: I’ve added a new forum section to the forum called WANT LISTS . I thought it’s quite an interesting idea to post all your needs in a special section instead of loads or WTBsand WTSs in one marketplace.

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