Harrrr Harrr Harrr!

Happy New Sealed Year for you dear mongsters!

I wanted to do a post some days ago but the pre-new year shit overwhelmed me. So i need to clear some stuff. Some of this stuff is like 1 month old. lol.

There was a very expensive and rare PAL SEGA MASTER SYSTEM The Lucky Dime Caper Limited Box Set which ended for 515 euro. Very cool shit! It’s not the first time i see it. But it’s still epic.

Next we move to Phantasy Star II  for amazing 375$. Absolute record and another add to my database! And yes if you ask me, it’s worth it. Even though it’s getting scary now…

Next we move on to NES Castlevania  black seal for fagging 918$. Jesus balls.

More wicked shit: SEGA GAME GEAR MORTAL KOMBAT  : 432 EURO. I haven’t seen a game gear game so expensive. I hope this is a legit sale.

Our fellow br0ther rarecube sold his NES MIKE TYSON’S PUNCH-OUT VGA85 for a decent 1150$. I don’t know why this game is so expensive. It’s neither good nor rare anymore.

The reseller tha-nothing sold his faded crappy Arcana for 299$. Someone pushed the BIN after all. Well it’s a rare game indeed. I own a copy and it’s great and i think it’s one of the rarest RPG games for snes in existence. 

And now the epic shit: SNES Metal Warriors  for frigging 2225$. 
Jesus Christ. As far as i remember it’s a good game with great graphics. And it’s rare for sure. And there were bids! So some people were interested even though the starting bid was very high already.


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6 Responses to Harrrr Harrr Harrr!

  1. mlbfan10 says:

    Great shit ds! Keep up the good reporting! It’s enjoyable to read about sealed games 🙂

  2. Warren says:

    I have the lucky dime capers box set, complete. Where would be the best place to sell it on the Internet?

  3. IKNOWYOU says:

    I think tha-nothing, well I can assure you tha-nothing is moedown on NA.

    zzzgames is cjmarq as I am sure you’re aware. I’ll feed you on on who is who when reselling comes as you make more threads of these.

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