Sealed Sega Game Gear games, Shining Force: Sword of Hayja and much more!

Hello cockers!

The weather is shit here, i feel a bit depressed and it’s time for a new update!

Let’s talk about Sega Game Gear. You know what’s that? That’s a crappy handheld console sega did in the 90.


It was kinda a respond to Turbo Express and Atari Lynx and in fact was third color handheld console in the universe. Well, besides the sad reality that it was a stinking piece of shite. It was bulky and ate 6 AA batteries in a blink of an eye. It also had HEAVY AS SHITE battery packs but they were even more horrible then the console itself. Anyway… the platform actually had some nice games and the library grew to over 300 titles. I have some sealed games in my collection as well, but GG is damn hard to collect sealed. I think this is maybe hardest among all sega consoles actually. There are some common games like Sonic 2…Lion King and some crap.. but the rest is REALLY hard. Even Sonic 1 is damn hard to find. Here are some really nice GG games which are now on ebay. Some are really rare, like Shining Force: Sword of Hayja  for example. It’s very very uncommon. Hardly a copy or two per year…Even beat up i am sure it will climb up to 100$. I got my copy destroyed by the postman years ago. He managed to squeeze it into a narrow PO box.


Here are both Mortal Kombat AND Mortal Kombat II. Even more: Earthworm Jim and Battletoads, and some other. Also many awesome CIB games for NES and SNES all mint!

There are also some more cool auctions running!

Donkey Kong 64 + Mario Party 3 Nintendo 64 Brand New  very obscure auction!

Assassin’s Creed Revelations PressKit really nice!


Nintendo Challenge Set maybe an unused one.


*SEALED* Might and Magic III 3 : Isles of Terra also very nice Sealed Super Metroid (Super Nintendo, 1994) and Sealed Illusion of Gaia SNES

also a Genesis gem: Shining Force II (Sega Genesis, 1994) !!! Haven’t seen that one for a few months in real auction.

Also Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Gold Collectors Edition … looks veeery very nice and will maybe end cheap.

Xenosaga Episode 1 Black Label in Original Shrinkwrap

and a Magical Popful Mail Fantasy Adventures *SEALED* RARE Sega… really nice and cheap so far!!!

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  1. lefalaja says:

    i really wanted sega to be one of the big companies like SONY, MS and Nintendo.

    it’s always better to have more consoles out there… will benefit us gamers
    in choices and price

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