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World’s Most Expensive Video Game Poster ever – Earthbound poster sells for 2499$

I’ve had this saved for a while. This sale impressed me at most. Not every day you see a gaming poster selling for a price of a decent used car. This is beyond fucking insane. It was listed as a … Continue reading

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Super Adventure Island 2, Super Mario RPG, Swat Kats, Metal Warriors, Final Fight 2, Lost Vikings 2 + PAL CIB shite

Some new abnormal prices for last week and for a week before that. Let’s start from last weeks.. First – a rare Super Adventure Island 2  for 960$. Hard to estimate if it’s too much or not. But i can’t remember if … Continue reading

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PS2: Phantasy Star Generation 1 Limited Edition

Today the post is not about the auctions but about one game i am interested it. It is a Sega Ages 2500: Phantasy Star Generation 1. Released 08/28/03 in two versions, the normal version SLPM-62367 and a Limited Edition version SLPM-62362. The limited … Continue reading

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