PS2: Phantasy Star Generation 1 Limited Edition

Today the post is not about the auctions but about one game i am interested it.

It is a Sega Ages 2500: Phantasy Star Generation 1. Released 08/28/03 in two versions, the normal version SLPM-62367 and a Limited Edition version SLPM-62362.

The limited edition of Phantasy Star Generation 1 includes a bonus 6-ring looseleaf binder which is decorated with the Sega logo and the logos of the following Sega consoles: SG-1000, SG-1000 II, Sega Mark III, Master System, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast (with swirl). Miniature logos for the Mega CD and Super 32X are also printed on the front. The binder is meant to hold looseleaf paper or maybe the production notes that are included in each of the other Sega Ages 2500 games being released this year. The game and binder are packaged in a special Phantasy Star cardboard slipcase.

What i can’t understand .. was outer paper box originally sealed or not? Anyone has any info? Tried to search yahoo but no result whatsoever…I have the very same box and game and binder but only the game itself is sealed.

If you have info about it – let me know here:

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  1. Carmen says:

    AFAIK, Japanese PS2 boxes (like the Rez Special, Shinigami no Shiro 2 LE etc) aren’t sealed… the ones that are sealed have the games exposed (FFXII Zodiac LE, Sega Rally 2006)…

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