World’s Most Expensive Video Game Poster ever – Earthbound poster sells for 2499$

I’ve had this saved for a while. This sale impressed me at most. Not every day you see a gaming poster selling for a price of a decent used car. This is beyond fucking insane.

It was listed as a store promo poster. And indeed it may be. I think i’ve seen it listed for a while. But finally the sick poster found a sick nerd buyer. AMEN! lol

Earthbound Super Nintendo Display Poster Promo Store  2499$

Well what else can i say.. The buyer went apeshit on Earthbound goods for sure. Take a look at his\her? feedback. Must be a serious fan. Spent like 5k on Earthbound goodness. I like it. But.. a POSTER FOR 2,5k? You must be truly obsessed to spend so much money on a tiny piece of paper.

Speaking about game posters… I don’t have much data about it. I’ve seen Super Metroid posters selling close to 1k before… But i have one in memory which also impresed me. Sold by our very own Startyde: Signed Autographed Mass Effect Poster. I think i even found some original pictures.

It was back in 2011 and he managed to sell it for 1150$ . And i thought it was insane. Well it looks now i was wrong.

The Earthbound poster PWNED it… twice..! lol

Good luck to you all. See you very soon.

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3 Responses to World’s Most Expensive Video Game Poster ever – Earthbound poster sells for 2499$

  1. lefalaja says:

    2.5k for a fucking poster!!!!!! crazy crazy crazy.
    and some of my friends think i’m crazy for paying $200 for a
    sealed game! that signed mass effect looks cool and for $2-300 it’s ok.

    DS very good post, keep them coming 🙂

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