The winner of the first competition of SVG!!

Hello my friends!!!

All begun few weeks ago when the admin of this forum Darksol and his faithful fellow Lefa offered to us the chance to win 28 games, most of them sealed. I tried though to participate at this competition but I have to admit it was so so hard to find those images as one of the two organizers has played strange games in his life, lol!! I was many hours a day at google for managing to find the games.

However, I managed to find more photos than all competitors and I won this incredible prize. Just to thank here our Darksol and our Lefalaja! Here a photo with the prize and a photo with me and my prize….It’s true I don’t smile but I was super happy the day I received!


Geo's prize!


Geo's ugly face!!

And a message to more difficult competitor I faced at previous competitor….Come to face me at the next competition!! 😛

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3 Responses to The winner of the first competition of SVG!!

  1. lefalaja says:

    i should call you…. geowin 🙂

  2. BigHurt says:

    Congratulations! A wonderful prize indeed!

  3. darksol says:

    Incredibe prize of cause!

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