Impressive PC ORIGIN collection for sale! (Ultima, System Shock, etc)

Hey guys!

It’s summer time finally in Russia and i am completely exhausted after such a long winter…I need fucking vitamins and i need to recover a bit and spend more time outdoors. So not much updates for now, but i will be dropping some from time to time!
Just today i’ve stumbled upon a great lot of Ultima games and other ORIGIN products.


Overall sealed PC games are quite worthless compared to console videogames..But some titles like Ultima, System Shock, etc can fetch good prices. Even though it’s a CIB auction it’s really awesome collection and hard to get in such condition!

Complete listing of everything
  1. Software Etc. Ultima Pack: Ultima Trilogy (I, II, III), Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar (no label on first disc), Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny (opened, but untouched)
  2. Ultima 5 (opened, second copy)
  3. Ultima 6 signed  by Denis Loubet (Lead Artist) and Richard Garriott/Lord British (Lead Designer), comes with special edition audio cassette from RG and ‘infinity’ runestone.  The Lord British signature has small specks missing; it came that way.
  4. Two letters from Richard Garriott about the Immortality Contest, addressed to me, with the same address as it will ship from.
  5. Ultima 7, signed by Richard Garriott/Lord British, also includes the “Key to the Black Gate” cluebook and the add-on Forge of Virtue
  6. Ultima 7 Part Two, Serpent Isle, also includes the “Balancing the Scales” cluebook and the add-on The Silver Seed
  7. Ultima 8 Pagan
  8. Ultima 9 Ascension, Dragon Edition – COMPLETE – Includes Ultima Collection CD (Ultimas 1-8), Ultima 9 music CD, 8 Virtue Tarot Cards – UNOPENED, Ankh pendant – UNOPENED, Lord British certificate, etc.
  9. Worlds of Ultima – Savage Empire
  10. Worlds of Ultima – Martian Dreams
  11. Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss, also includes the “Mysteries of the Abyss” cluebook
  12. Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds
  13. Ultima Online Public Beta Test CD
  14. Ultima 7 Movie Promo Poster – 32 1/2 x 21, back side is a map of Britannia – has creases, was hung for a while but still in very good shape otherwise
  15. Wing Commander (original) – also includes thick cluebook, and add-on Secret Missions 2; Secret Missions 1 card included, but the disc and box were lent and never returned
  16. Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi, also includes Speech Accessory Pack, Special Operations 1, and Special Operations 2
  17. Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (cd version)
  18. Wing Commander: Privateer (cd version)
  19. Strike Commander (cd version, with addon)
  20. Bad Blood (Chris Roberts game)
  21. Knights of Legend (one of the gems of the backcatalog)
  22. Omega
  23. Ogre, based on the Steve Jackson game
  24. 2400 A.D., with 3 minatures
  25. Tangled Tales
  26. Shadow Caster
  27. Bioforge (cd version)
  28. System Shock CD Version – Box (damaged, see pictures) and game materials ONLY NO GAME DISC
  29. System Shock 2 – everything, excellent condition (yes, this technically isn’t Origin, but close enough)
  30. Origin FX Screensaver (ugh)
  31. The Official Book of Ultima (First Edition)
  32. The Official Book of Ultima (Second Edition) 
  33. Quest for Clues: The Manual of Swords: hints for various games in the 90’s.
  34. Origin Systems Newsletter

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5 Responses to Impressive PC ORIGIN collection for sale! (Ultima, System Shock, etc)

  1. lefalaja says:

    don’t worry my hot russia friend cos i will bid and win and then make a huge fire with all those amazing games

  2. Geobros says:

    Really interesting auction there!! 😮

  3. Daniel Nogueira Vargas says:

    Good afternoon.

    Could you send System Shock 2 to Brazil? How much the shipping?

    Kindest regards,

    Daniel N. Vargas

  4. Daniel Nogueira Vargas says:

    Sorry, I had not read right. You sold all on Ebay.

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