SNES Captain Commando USA SEALED

captaincommandoThought i’d give ya a notice about that. It’s not like we see this game often on ebay. In fact i think i haven’t seen it this year.. maybe even last year. It’s considered as one of the most rare and expensive sealed SNES games for USA library.

300$ with just one bid now. Waaay far from mint and sunfaded but still very rare! Interesting is that even though it’s surely NTSC USA version, it says “for sale only in Mexico and Latin America”. Very weird.

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2 Responses to SNES Captain Commando USA SEALED

  1. striker says:

    Bah. Once again, I’m 2nd highest bidder. 600$ still seems low for such a rare game though. I’m not even sure it is sunfaded, maybe just a shit camera. But condition left a lot to be desired.

    Oh well. If anyone wants it, I’m sure they can buy it on eBay in a couple months from whoever won this auction for 2000$ in a vga 75+ case lol

  2. anderwin says:

    Was a nice price it sold for to :/

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