Mega Man X2, Duck Tales, Resident Evil Gamestop SE, Darkstalkers, Daggerfall

Hello dear nerdlings!

I am not dead yet. Just busy.. and actually not much top shit out there to post.. So here we go, from the past.

Mega Man X2 which i found, was immidiately BINned by rarelucky at 2999$ when i mentioned it. Rare snes game indeed. And all but Mega Man X are considered rare and expensive.

Condition of this one was veeery good.


Next we go to NES Duck Tales which sold for RECORD 846$! Absolutely epic price, like… 3x times beats previous record. God damn other sellers’ items were all top notch. Prices were insane. The BOF went high as well.

Next item is interesting. It is Nintendo Game Cube RESIDENT EVIL 4 Game Stop LE Tin VGA95 .

It’s not quite rare, you can get one for 200 easily.. Interesting is that ending price was 1025$. I guess the VGA whores shit their pants over this one maybe.. Who knows. The VGAy grade was indeed high for a crappy shrinkwrapped tin case. Very hard to find undamaged tin cases  guys.. VERY hard… Don’t even try collecting this shit.

I think this one was shilled though. Some shady crap going on in Q/A section..

Next onto another record. The longbox DARKSTALKERS: THE NIGHT WARRIORS  sold for 455$. That’s not resident evil indeed, but a very good game with a great cover art. Very worthy title among collectors. And by looking at auction i can see it was minty mint.. Hence the price above.

Last but not the least… rest well this night.. for tomorrow.. we’ll sail on.. to the kingdom.. of Daggerfall which sold for astonishing price of 334$. Highest price ever!

Elder Scrolls games will also be in demand and prices will go up and up for sure. Arena prices grow… Morrowind CE still there.. Skyrim too.. Battlespire still firm. Redguard still crappy. lol

See you soon and.. behave well.

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4 Responses to Mega Man X2, Duck Tales, Resident Evil Gamestop SE, Darkstalkers, Daggerfall

  1. Jason says:

    Glad I got my mint sealed copies of Daggerfall AND Arena for cheaper than that! No tears in the shrink wrap and no annoying stickers 🙂

    They must be getting desperate..?

  2. carldomeni says:

    Anyone care to sell me a sealed Daggerfall and Morrowind CE 🙂

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