Air Raid CIB (first in the universe!) and Mario Bros Arcade Classics

Everyone talks now about Air Raid and i thought i might add a few bits.

So, an ex-employee found a CIB Air Raid in one of the long abandoned Atari display cases. The story behind this really made me smile. It’s true and it’s a very cool. I won’t write it all here again, you can visit gamegavel and read by yourself.

Why GameGavel in the first place. Well.. hard to say.. With ebay it could be more exposure, but ebay is a nest of greedy fuckers and all kind of retards and idiots. And you pay to ebay, paypal and all other capitalist scamfucks on the way..So hence why gamegavel i guess. And this kind of item will get a nice exposure assuming the rarity of it.

The cart+box version sold for over 31000$ last year, the CIB version is at 17950$ with over 7 days to go. All i wonder is will it top over the sealed Stadium Events 41300$ record. All the luck to the seller!

Oh and check that amazing video! watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fvF8OL9O1Fs#!

The next big boss ends tomorrow.

Factory Sealed VGA Graded 85 Original Mario Brothers currently at 4850$. Already high price. Who knows what will be in the end. It’s one of the most valuable NES black box titles out there.

And this time it’s not some qualified shit here. It’s the completely sealed original version. Who knows maybe it will be second after the stadium events 🙂

See you all soon, take care and don’t stop collecting!


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