Sealed SNES Madness continues… International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, Sonic Blast Man 2, Kid Kleets, Super Buster Bros, R-Type III, Sunset Riders and more…

I must say i haven’t seen so many snes sealed games available on the market. For years. I have no idea why is that, but i guess rarer games and higher then ever prices and VGA graded games: all those factors made an impact. As a result there are many rare and obscure titles out there. Going for impressive prices. And some games are so obscure i can hardly remember when i saw them last time.

Sonic Blast Man 2 sells for 323$. Much more rarer then a second one! And an impressive price! game_choice unleashing more rare games for the market. And that’s pretty cool. His prices are top too. 3 Ninja’s kick back still there for insane offer ūüôā


International Superstar Soccer Deluxe. A VERY crappy shabby box. Sells for 400$. As far as i know this one of the rarest games for SNES library. And having a sealed copy, even in that condition is a big acomplishement. I salute to buyer for sure.


The Adventures of Kid Kleets sells for 250$. God damn i wish i knew what kinda game is that! I do not even remember. But the price for an obscure games impressed me!

Immortalgreat (who is a known SGH member) sells his Final Fantasy III 3 VGA 80+¬†for a nice 750$. Pretty good price i should say. This game became much more common recently. But it’s still expensive.

SUPER BUSTER BROS sold for 299$ and the was relisted again. So i have no idea if the sale is legit. Rare obscure game too

Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition sells for 113$ with a crappy picture. One of rarest sports games too.

How about¬†Sunset Riders¬†for 611$? God damn you must be mad to pay this…. The price is not even funny. A record for this game.

And Sparkster for 685$ still impresses me too. :))))))

Now that’s an interesting one. SNES has some good shooters out there and R-Type III : The Third Lightning¬†is one of all-time classics. I guess the seller had NO IDEA how much will it grow. And it ended at extra-orbital space blasting¬†860$! WOAHH!!

Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts has a new record with 410$. Dumb price, but can be real.

Breath of Fire  for ABSOLUTE UNGRADED COPY RECORD Р676$. And Might and Magic 3 Isles of Terra  207$ too. I have no idea why this seller reaches these prices. Maybe shill-bidding.

Bit hope still left with bad listings and low bin deals, guys….Like these auctions with¬†Secret of Mana¬†for 65$ and¬†Super Metroid¬†for 213$ (not very cheap though…)

I want to finish with this great¬†Magna Carta 2 Limited Collector’s Edition¬†for Xbox360. This looks like a korean exclusive limited to 1000 copies. What a beauty!! I know koreans have different limited editions for themselves, cause i own a Magna Carta Phantom of Avalanche korean limited edition for PC. They are so cool!

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