PAL SNES Secret of Mana sells for 10100 GBP (about 16000$), Game Boy PAL Mega Man 2 for 2085 GBP (3266$)

There is a record in a PAL world. And we are discussing it as nothing before. The PAL, UK Secret of Mana with the red nintendo tear strip for Super Nintendo appeared out of nowhere and sold for OUTRAGEOUS, UNBELIEVABLE 10100gbp (close to 16000$). We saw another copy last year but it had a huge tear and looked like reseal, so there was not much interest and it sold for just 200gbp. But it looks like it’s the real deal. The seller has other games all with tear strips as well, all in similar crappy condition. None are mint. I wonder what else he has….

Speaking about price – there were at least 3 bidders who wanted this game seriously. The top 2 bids were at 10k and the previous one was at 7k. It means people actually wanted this and could (theoretically) pay for that. This is just unbelievable. Especially taking into consideration that the winner is well known to us and a member of our community. I wonder how it turns out for him.

A couple of facts about this game:

  1. Arguably the most rare sealed PAL snes game.
  2. This is maybe the ONE and ONLY legit sealed copy that would be confirmed to exist.
  3. It was believed that this game never came with red tear strip. Now this could be proved wrong.
  4. Was only 1 other dodgy copy on ebay for 10-15 years

The condition of the game is really bad. Most collectors are perfectionists as well as me. But when you talk about ONE-OF-A-KIND will you rethink your bidding? Hard to tell. I’d better wait….This is serious money. You can live for years and buy 1000 mint games instead. Dropping them on a crushed game is really hard decision i guess. Good luck to the buyer, i hope he would be happy!

One more notable record: Nintendo Game Boy Mega Man 2 PAL for 2085 GBP. I believe i have’t seen a more expensive gameboy game! Mega Man games always command insane prices, but this, and in such condition…. jesus holy… This is just more PAL insanity out there. God knows what else this seller has. I guess he gets 100 emails per day.

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5 Responses to PAL SNES Secret of Mana sells for 10100 GBP (about 16000$), Game Boy PAL Mega Man 2 for 2085 GBP (3266$)

  1. Ervin says:

    would never pay 16k for that shit!!! even if i was filthy rich…

  2. darksol says:

    LOL Ervin. For me it’s 2k topps… well maybe even 1k…in this condition

  3. Riku says:

    $16000????? Are you serious????

    I don’t know, something doesn’t seem right but I guess we’ll see what’s written in the feedback. I mean SoM is rare factory sealed on any console but $16k rare? Damn…

    Nice find btw :).

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