Unusual N64 for 1100$, Diablo II CE, Elder Scrolls – Arena and Super 3D Noah’s Ark

Hey ppl. Not much time for me now with a new job. But i am still working with a new database. Added tonns of data in there!

First of all i’d like to point out that Factory Sealed N64 weird blister pack with an american N64 , pokemon snap and atomic purple controller. This EXTREMELY CRAPPY listed bundle ended at astonishing 1100$. This is an american bundle but it’s in blister. Such things were shown in stores to promote consoles back in the days. It’s very cool that this stuff actually survived through the years.

Next to some pc records: DIABLO II 2 CE ended at wicked 422$. I haven’t seen higher then that! And it became so common for last years. About 3-4 years ago it was impossible to find but now it’s no big problem. Hence the price is weird… 

Another record fro The Elder Scrolls: Arena NEW/SEALED RETAIL BOX CD-ROM = 305$. I expected high price as the listing was great and seller had really great games for sale, check his ended listings. But it climbed really high. The previous ones were about 200$. Still a rare item indeed. I need it as well. But i am hunting for deluxe version 🙂

And one wicked shit for today: Super 3D Noah’s Ark  for SNES. That’s a Wisdom Tree’s crappy bible game! I am pretty sure you know what that means if you saw the AVGN episode… lol. Well i remember i saw some sealed copies. But it was about several years ago and i can hardly remember the price. So it was twice interesting to watch, for the record. Even counting the SHITTY condition the ending price was 395$ . Wow!

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6 Responses to Unusual N64 for 1100$, Diablo II CE, Elder Scrolls – Arena and Super 3D Noah’s Ark

  1. Ervin says:

    i wonder who got that N64 😛

    noah’s ark FTW 400 for that shiiit!!

    good luck with the new job DS

  2. darksol says:

    I wonder too! The price is insane! lol
    Noah’s ark is shite 🙂
    Thanx Ervin!

  3. Jose Jenkins says:

    I hope u all burn in hell for heinous and hideous comments about Noah’s Ark!

  4. Nalle says:

    I have that Arena big box cd version sealed here in my basement. Maybe i should try and sell it 🙂

  5. Ashley Merithew says:

    I’m looking for this exact n64 system sealed. Anyone have one they are willing to part with?

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