Final Fantasy III & Silent Hill & Many sealed n64 games

Thought i’d post this one too.

Final Fantasy 3 SNES VGA 85 here with over 1k already and 1 day to go! I sense shill bidding though.

This seller has a nice bunch of PS1 games including Tales of Destiny  and many more. Check him out!

Here you can see PS 1 Silent Hill  original edition at about 200$ already with 10 hours left. Same seller also has Clock Towers 1 and  2. Worthy titles!

This seller from UK has a bunch of crappy NTSC US n64 titles:  Nintendo 64 games sealed

Sega Saturn Lot of 3 Games Clockwork 1 & 2  here. And Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 Games 7 New here. SNES Street Fighter 2 Turbo Sealed here for 70$ as well.

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