Zelda II blister, Earthbound, Super Mario 64 VGA95, ADAM, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Tekken longbox, Street Fighter II Turbo PAL

time to clean up the shite. Some cool stuff ended and need to be unleashed!

First of all, it looks like this ZELDA II  in french blister was never paid, and the price is 635 EURO, not a highest record. But still. Blisters are sexy, i second that.

Panzer Dragoon Saga  finally sold for a legit amount of 461$. Good to know, the logic is still there and resellers can fall asleep too 🙂

Everyone been talking about that EarthBound which sold for 4700$.


Well i think it won’t be paid EVER. lol. First of all it’s qualified. It was never sealed. It is impossible to guess if it was plugged in at least once or not. Second – the price is beyond stupid. The previous one  which was not qualified and a vga85 as well, as far as i remember.. sold for 1400$ by rarebucky couple of years ago. I tell you – all about those graded Earthbounds is BULLSHIT. And that “qualified” grade too.

Super Mario 64 Factory Sealed VGA 95 for 1225$? You must be kidding me, fucking shillbidding. Ain’t worth a dog poo. It won’t be paid, but i have to write it down.  The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past  was indeed paid though 🙂 .

A very shabby Tekken Longbox here.
Even being as shitty as it, is still went for 520$ for the fighting geeks. Very nice and very collectible game. Maybe one of the most rarest and expensive longboxes…

Two PAL snes games we were looking after finally ended as well. Both beat-up as hell.

Illusion of Time  for 113 GBP and Street Fighter 2 Turbo  for 310 GBP.

There was also a cool auction for Vintage Adam The Coleco Vision Family Computer System  which ended at impressive 445$ for this old pile of crap. I know nothing about coleco shit, but it was so minty mint it was hard to pass by. lol

And i would like to finish with sexy Lords Of Thunder. A classic schmup for Sega CD. Not often do i see it, and this one was very nice. As well as the ending price of 122$

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