Almost a factory box of Nes DRAGON WARRIORS 1

Pretty cool stuff here. Just cool.
It’s almost a carton of Dragon Warrior 1, the first in the series. It’s been released in august 1989. That is over 23 years ago. Just imagine the fact there’s STILL a factory shipping box of these. Simply amazing. The auction is a BIN at 1250$ with best offer option which is fair i guess, since it’s value is nowhere near asking price. But this kind of auction just cool by itself.

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6 Responses to Almost a factory box of Nes DRAGON WARRIORS 1

  1. jonnyl3lanka says:

    very nice.. still have my mint cib lol.

    how much would you say the value is of these pieces?

  2. Frost says:

    How did you get “almost” factory case when its simply 6 copies in a box? 😉

  3. lefalaja says:

    wow.. i’m guessing buckweed can make some money on this shit

  4. Geobros says:

    Interesting auction here!! 😮

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