NES Ice Climber black box sealed

I’ve stumbled upon a TOP item today. While the seller previously tried to sell it for 10.000 USD, it didn’t work. So maybe he decided to find out the realistic price and started auction from 0.99.


Black box games overall are considered elite among NES collector’s. Why is that? I seriously have no idea. I am not a NES pro. But I guess those are very very early games of NES era. They were released in complete black design boxes with simple text on them. All unified design. Finding those boxes in mint condition is not easy, while most games are widely available, like Kung Fu, Pinball and other common titles. But there are games like Ice Climber and Kid Icarus as well. That are very rare and extraorbitally expensive. Reaching 5 figures sometimes.

Right now it is an Ice Climber VGA 85 here starting from 0.99 . But strangely it has a reserve. This is a pussy behaviour seriously.

ice2The seller said he kept it for 25 years and found it in a garage. Why set a reserve then? He is not a collector, won’t be a millionaire from an occasional sale and is not starving i guess. So trying to set an ultra high price or an outer space reserve seems stupid to me. If i found a “what seems rare” game in a garage i’d list it for 0.99 without any reserves and face the fair outcome. It will still be high… And relisting it all the time is like stealing from yourself. People lose interest fast with the reserves.

It is very funny but on january 13 someone STOLE a very low bin of 1199$ on the very same game. I don’t see feedback, so i have no idea who was it. But some fast resellers no doubt. Maybe even same guy as above. LOL

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  1. jonnyl3lanka says:

    God I remember seeing this one when I first oined SGH.. it still hasnt sold? lol!

  2. Geobros says:

    When someone finds something in a garage and he is sending to VGA directly, then he lies, thats my estimation. Also, when he is trying to sell the same item for 10k, he knows very well what is happening to our hobby…..

  3. hadakajime says:

    Do these newsletter emails get caught in your spam box? They seem to for me (gmail). Very annoying

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