Perm ban from Sealed Game Heaven

I’ve got an awesome email today.


It’s very funny as hell. Me and Lef were banned permanently from SGH. LOL

I haven’t heard a funniest ban reason in my entire 16 years internet experience.

Fucking pussies, we didn’t even break any rules. They just got rid of us like an unwanted revolutioneers or terrorists. This is so cowardly and pathetic. Imagine if you are 12 years old you and see someone wrote you ” hahaha you SHITFACE!” on your facebook page and then you add him to black list. This is exactly the same. LOL. Like fucking kids.

Morever this is just lies. “A vote was taken in which every member of the sgh Admin/Mod team agreed”. EVERY member? There are 6. And i can’t believe ALL of them agreed. This is BULLSHIT.

Anyway… SGH is long dead. Rotting slowly in VGA-cherished cocksucking bowl. Supported by dishonest, cowardly and lying admins and 20 years old mods who don’t understand a shit. R.I.P SGH.

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21 Responses to Perm ban from Sealed Game Heaven

  1. lefalaja says:

    Mike ..
    07:30 (1 hour ago)

    to darksol, me

    A vote was taken in which every member of the sgh Admin/Mod team agreed that they no longer wished to welcome you at our forum (simply due to the amount of hatered posted on svg in relation to SGH and its Admin/Mod team). We thank you for your contributions in the past and wish you all the best.

    Sincerely the SGH Admin/Mod Team

    VAL is a fucking coward LOL

  2. obviousresult says:

    What did you expect? You shit enough on someones floor they gonna ask you to leave their house.
    Wonder if this comment gets deleted…

    • darksol says:

      It won’t of cause. I am not a pussy like most of SGH current team, LOL.
      And you say i shit on the floor?? There was so many shit on SGH in last years. Loads of shit. Mountains of shit. Which mods and admins shitted themselves in their own home. I’ve just uncovered the truth. Like i always do.

    • lefalaja says:

      and you are a pussy hiding behind names like obviousresult LOL
      of course this does not get deleted cos we are not like you COWARD

  3. Geobros says:

    Lol! This is for sure one of the silliest reason for a ban. Darksol is one of the most serious collector i know and..he was banned because he was always honest and he was never afraid to tell the truth? Maybe some don’t like to hear the truth and honest persons, so…

    Btw, i dont believe me neither that everyone voted to ban him or i dont want to believe it…

  4. minden says:

    this is the shit!

  5. fuckbucky says:

    The main people at SGH are just a bunch of whiny internet tough guys,who think their opinion means more than anyone else’s.

    Meanwhile they keep sending all their money to a guy in Georgia who slaps a number and some plastic on their games and laughs at these idiots all the way to the bank.

  6. enze says:

    darksol i respect you as a smart guy all arround and iam sorry for the decision of the sgh admins. But its always like that, maybe in russia you dont know it…but guess how life works in germany for example. Do you think everybody who is a boss at a company is highly qualificated and the best in his job? no its about kissin the right ass to the right time, and when you kick the wrong as to the wrong time this results in your doom. Thats how society works. Honest people who told their opinion got executed in many kingdoms, and periods of mankind. The rats are the ones who survive. Choose the way of the rat, you will be back at sgh, i will try it. You are part of the history. But stop beeing a big kid, you know your behaviour was not that smart.

  7. kryptex says:

    Why type so much?

    The majority of the staff on SGH are idiots and ego trippers anyway.

    If they can’t handle some digital text on their screen (based on truth) they take it too seriously and obviously need to get a life or something lol.

  8. enze says:

    well forget what i just said, i wont miss dorksol and lef. They have both shit in their heads, and after some weeks they will be forgotten and noone will remember them ever again.

    and kryptex, who are you? hahahah

    over and out

  9. kryptex says:

    And you are? Some random german ass kisser who has nothing?


  10. lizardslayer says:

    So, you are saying you never broke any of these rules?

    I don’t care one way or the other to be honest, but I have always wondered why you even bothered going there in the first place? All you ever did was bash everyone for grading games. You hate VGA and all the mods at SGH, why even go there if not to start problems?

  11. suicide says:

    What a bunch of retards, the majority of the SGH team, not all but most of them are jealous haters. They claim they despise re sellers. Quite obviously, they are the biggest re sellers themselves. No point wasting your breath on these VGA Ass lickers. Darksol, you should be happy that this ban has been applied to you, the best is yet to come! You will always have your Russian Mafia 🙂

  12. Maxim says:

    Sorry to hear that you got banned. I don’t know much about the whole thing, but it seems they got rid of you because they personally dislike you, which is something an admin/moderator should never do. It doesn’t sound like a community I’d like to be part of… a bunch of corrupted self-centered smartasses shouldn’t be in charge.

  13. dave john says:

    All a bunch tossers there! all judgemental and think they have the best collections ever!
    all mouth and punch pussies, would not say it to your face as are bitches!
    Val is the cheakiest prick on there and needs a slap!
    SGH go fuck yourselves TOSSERS!!!!!!
    EAT A DICK!!!!!

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