Most Expensive Sealed PAL video game in History – Super Mario World – 8300 GBP (13000$)

I wanted to post this long time ago. But i’ve been waiting for a real feedback to support the deal. And it’s there. I don’t know if the actual sum was paid or maybe it was the same way like it was with the Secret of Mana with downpayments and shit. Who knows.. But reality is there. Even though OMAR private deals were bigger, this is the absolute HIGHEST EVER AUCTIONED GAME IN HISTORY OF PAL SEALED VIDEOGAMES .


This is Yellow Box Super Mario World. With the Nintendo red strip. And it’s astonishingly mint. That is why all PAL collectors went mad. It sold for 8300 GBP which is equivalent to 13000 USD. It was a bidding massacre with all “major” collectors involved. But the deepest wallet wins of cause.

Super Mario World and Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario Kart are all VERY expensive in PAL with the red strip. But this Yellow box version is considered the rarest among all.

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15 Responses to Most Expensive Sealed PAL video game in History – Super Mario World – 8300 GBP (13000$)

  1. geobros says:

    I agree here Darksol as this auction is real and that is the most expensive PAL Snes at ebay, maybe the most expensive PAL Nintendo game that have been sold. I find this version of Super Mario World the most wonderful, I love that box-art!! Furthermore, every Snes collector would like the forst title of the console for his collection, so I understand his demanding but……13k dollars is outstanding.

  2. lefalaja says:

    13k for a fucking game! How many noodles is that! The game is amazing
    and the cover is epic BUT fuck me backwards it’s 13k dam it!
    I’m happy with my CIB ntsc 🙂

  3. Bel says:

    Maybe on ebay, but SMB NES with red strip was sold closer to 20.000gbp.

  4. geobros says:

    Bel is speaking for a private deal. Here we speak about ebay auctions but, anyway, this is the most expensive pal “ungraded” nintendo game. Even with private deals you wont find a more expensive than this one, Omar buys only vga games…

  5. notts_alan says:

    It recieved a decent VGA grade as well

  6. notts_alan says:

    yep , he is very happy with it

  7. kryptex says:

    I already saw this feedback a while ago.
    I also had the chance to snipe this but didn’t press the BIN of 900GBP ^^

  8. Bel says:

    This auction was a crazy, the seal do not seems good.

  9. jonnyl3lanka says:

    I thought the highest was Secret of Mana at 10k?

  10. jonnyl3lanka says:

    I see.. so mario takes the new crown!!

  11. Geobros says:

    We can say that Mana is the second with 7k pounds or 10k+ dollars. I think would be interested a list with snes sealed pal games sold at ebay last 3 years….

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