Arcadia VI VGA NOT Graded (LOL!) NES unreleased prototype for 100.000$

Link featured this one, so i thought i’d do this too…….Jesus fuckin’ Christ.

VGA went as far as grading even a crappy , shitty, stinky prototype. Not even sealed, new, unused, or anything like that…Proving once again that they do not care at all what to grade. I also like the NO GRADE label. LOL. Like “we do not care”. You can sent em your dogs turds, just pay money. It’s getting funnier now! What next?

As far as the game goes.. Arcadia VI. Some super rare crappy multicart which never saw official release.  Sellers are well known “McNoMorals” (i liked that, yes! lol) repro-makers and n00b-rippin’ money flippers.  If you remember the VGA’d Flinstones…

Here’s some info:

Yours for just a small fee of 100.000$

What next? Grading loose carts of ET? Burnt Shaq-Fu’s??

PS: I am sorry for all the hatred but the subject deserves it.

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3 Responses to Arcadia VI VGA NOT Graded (LOL!) NES unreleased prototype for 100.000$

  1. lefalaja says:

    this is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF
    NO GRADE!!! NO GRADE!!!! NO FUCKING GRADE?!?!?!!?!?!?

    this is so stupid that i don’t have words for it LOL
    NO GRADE!!!!! he said no grade! no grade?! fuck yes no grade.
    ok then do it. what no grade? yes we grade this bitch with no grade.
    so we grade it then? yes. with no grade? yes. FTW we grade the no grade.

    i just have to say it… i kill you dead… 3 times.

    more hate on this shit please LOL

  2. Samuel Layton says:

    The game received a NG (No Grade) label, of course, being one of a kind, so there is no need to grade the item on condition. The service was used purely to let the buyer know that what they receive is the real deal.

    • darksol says:

      well. lol. it seems like it’s one of a kind proto. these things are very doubtful cause of their origin but yet impossible to fake. it’s stupid to think things like these need some third party authentication

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