Resident Evil 1 PS Longbox sealed, Resident Evil 2 German Special Edition, Biohazard 15th Anniversary BOX

It’s funny as whole post is about Resident Evil games.

First of all the main event of the evening. The Resident Evil playstation 1 longbox!

This is one of the most expensive playstation sealed titles as well as one of the RAREST to find sealed. You can wait for years for one to show up, and it will disappear faster then your poopy flushed in a toilet. It’s highly desired title and the whole franchise is top notch. I am a big fan as well. Owning this one is like owning a true cult piece of history!

Even funnier that such a rare gem appeared twice for just 2 months.

First copy was not a steal at all. 1500$  and rarebucky aka rarelucky aka rarefucky got it. But then, the second one showed up and won by my good friend two months later. Ohh damn he was fast by all means. lol. 148$… what a fucking steal was that! Jesus christ..! I bet seller was bombarded with backdoor dealers seconds after it was BINned. Good catch, Brad, you wholly deserve it!

Second item for today: german version of Resident Evil 2 for PS1. Game sealed as well. Very nice. Also comes with a special box! This kind of edition was only released in Germany and it’s quite rare. It will be expensive!

I saw it before, but i cannot remember if i saw it with a sealed game. And i have no idea if outer box was ever sealed too..

Lastly the HUUUUGE box of STARS goodies. The Biohazard 15th Anniversary Box. 242$ and 4 days to go! Japanese LEs are so amazing! They always put a lot of useless crap in there. It’s basically so nerdy and useless that even  do not use them themsleves, hence why most of their games are so mint. LOL

See you soon!


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7 Responses to Resident Evil 1 PS Longbox sealed, Resident Evil 2 German Special Edition, Biohazard 15th Anniversary BOX

  1. lefalaja says:

    resident evil games are the best… as long as they don’t keep fucking up
    the new resident evil games 🙁

    i would not spend more then 200usd on a RE1 longbox but hey that is me 😛

    I love that jap star package but it’s in japanese then fuck it 🙁

    and then german RE2 LE is pure PORN

  2. Alex says:

    Hi there,

    whats the RE2 Special Edition worth it?
    I am trying to figure that out for ages, without any luck.
    thanks in advance,


  3. Alex says:

    the Resident Evil 2 Special Edition (German), which is on the picture and includes a pin, a shirt and the german uncut game.

    • Alex says:

      to keep it clear.
      that Box isnt the regular standard RE 2 Version in Germany.

      Its called “Special Edition”. It was shortly after its release (1 or two weeks) forbidden in germany, cause the game came on the index. Thats the reason for its scarcity.

      • Alex says:

        sorry for posting this bid by bit…anyway:

        -the Box itself never was sealed
        -the shirt inside never was sealed
        -the pin “kinda” was sealed in a lil plastic bag via a stapler (right word?!)
        -game was sealed, only difference to the standard german release was a barcode sticker over the original barcode

  4. The Real Collector says:

    That german “special” crap is really ugly and pointless, thank god it’s super rare so I wont see it much around. Speaking of german stuff, they translated so many good games, got so many exclusive crap and similar stuff but in the end the games were played once and dropped in the trash or who knows elsewhere. Nowadays everything that comes up from germany looks like it came strait from a landfill, germans have no respect for anything, it’s sick, the name “germany” kinda fits them doesn’t it? p.s. sorry for my english.

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