SNES – Super Copa sealed!

Hello mongsters!

I am coming out of the shadows for a bit to present you a unique auction. Super Copa is rare by itself. And the LEGIT SEALED COPY?? I have no idea what price it can reach as i do not believe i’ve ever seen a sealed copy up to date.

Super Copa  1136$ and 7 hours to go! Whoever win it will get a very VERY rare gem for sure!

Super Copa is essentially a Spanish and Portuguese version of Tony Meola’a Sidekicks Soccer. It is developed by Sculputured Software and uses the same game engine that was used in NCAA Basketball and NHL Stanley Cup Hockey. It seems like a fairly decent soccer game, and certainly plays better than NHL Stanley Cup. The game is considered a rarity as it was only distributed in Latin American countries.


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10 Responses to SNES – Super Copa sealed!

  1. rarecube says:

    Other sealed copy Ive seen was a VGA 85 from OCDsteeldor at NA …
    I think it will end on the 2.5k – 3k mark . Cheers !

  2. hadakajime says:

    Is he kicking him in the balls? … o_O


  3. Lefalaja says:

    30 min left and 4k!!! WTF

  4. rarecube says:

    Even higher I predicted … Yes Anton is right.
    Some reseller won that for sure expecting to grade on a 90 basis.

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