Mega Man III PAL Nintendo Red Strip! 10 days auction!

Jeff from is listing his even MORE rare game today.

If you remember i’ve featured him here with the Zelda, and it did really well. Now he’s listing Mega Man III for nintendo game boy. I must say we’ve seen Mega Man II already. It stands as MOST EXPENSIVE PAL gameboy now in my records. Will the Mega Man III top it? I think it may. Well… i’ve already seen 1 uk mega man 2 and 2 blister sealed pal french mega man 2. But i’ve never seen Mega Man III at all, uk or blister does not matter. Even though i don’t have ultimate knowledge in PAL region i think this game has a serious potential.  I’d say AT LEAST 1-2k gbp. The condition is a bit questionable with on edge of shrinkwrap going loose a little. But it’s PAL game after all, this crap unglues easily and falls apart after all these years… SO grab it while it’s still in one piece!


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