Korean 3DO Madness

I am sorry i am not as active as before. The job overwhelms me.

I wanted to post those long time ago. I had absolutely NO IDEA that such expensive Panasonic 3DO games exist. OK we know Lucienne’s Quest is expensive even CIB… for sealed?.. i don’t know… But those look like original korean games published by LG.



The prices are just incredible 

Fire wall (3DO, 1996) LG : 400$

EYE OF TYPHOON (3DO, 1996) LG: 1725$!

ARMAGEDDON (3DO, 1996) LG: 1251$! 

Battle Blues (3DO, 1996) LG: 1437$!

And the boxes were beat up to hell too. Somehow that didn’t affect the price at all. lol.

For sure 3DO scene is full of insane maniacs. Even though the console was kinda revolutionary for it’s days it still sucked, lagged and was easily devoured by Sony PS.

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