PC Fallout 1 & 2 UK sealed, Resident Evil 2 Platinum, Game Boy VGA90, TMNT Tournament Fighters

With 1 day to go i thought i’d feature my OWN auctions. Cause they are indeed unique.

Right now i have both UK original editions of PC Fallout for sale. It’s hard to part with those, i got them long ago on uk ebay and treasured them. I wanted to get US ones originally but could not find (and win for a decent price) a second US one for several years and kinda gave up. Luckily i found one recently and decided to part with UK counterparts…The second one has damage on it but still rare no matter that. These are original edition. Not some shitty reprints or anything. For PAL collector that should be SOMETHING. I have high reserve set for first part but i sold US one for more.. So it’s realistic for one of a kind auction such as this.

Ok let’s talk about more PC goodness today! As some of you know my PC collection is 1/4 from my totcal collection. So, much love to PC gaming from me. Anyway… last weeks  an amazing PC game hit ebay. Resident Evil 2 Platinum edition. One could not sell, got relisted and sold for 109$, another one ended at 90+. That’s a very strange occassion actually. This game is VERY rare. I only saw like 1-2 copies for 4 years. And then two copies appeared at the same time within 1 week. Amazing. Reminds me of what happened with Final Fantasy II for snes years ago..

NINTENDO GAME BOY NEW STICKER SEALED VGA 90 GRADED sold for inpressive 1250$. I think that’s highest i’ve seen for gameboy system ever. I saw minty mint tetris ones selling for like 1k maybe but that’s it. Sticker sealed version is, from what i know,  the later release and more common. But still a sealed gameboy with dead corroded batteries leaked and poisoned inside a shiny VGA case…. What can be better. lol

It was also fun to watch Nintendo 64 PERFECT DARK VGA U90+ which went for 87$ . Ending price – grading = still about 10x more then they were 5 years ago (selling 5$ a piece and noone gave a fuck. lol).

Very interesting TMNT TOURNAMENT FIGHTERS for nes ended for breathtaking 810$. Rarest among all turtle games i guess. And NES collectors are crazy, we know it *wink*. So the price is epic too.

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