Halo 3 pontiac slipcover limited edition, Doom, Rendering Ranger, Shining Force CD, Mega Man 4, Double Dragon, Novastorm

First of all i would like to feature this auction sent by Cory.

Halo 3 RARE SEALED #927/1000 limited edition XBOX 360 , pretty interesting stuff here. Looks like it’s a 1000 numbered limited slipcover for a Halo 3 pre-launch game. As far as i could understand you should have preordered the game from Best Buy and participate in some contest and get .. something.. well. The auction however states there were some presale events, maybe it is where game could be bought with a special slipcover. More interesting fact is that Pontiac actually made a HALO-themed Pontiac G6 to celebrate the game release!  http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Halo_3_Pontiac . Quite a mess with that. But here we go. A very early Halo 3 release with a pontiac 1000 limited slipcover. Even though it’s just a slipcover that is rare (similar to special Kingdom Hearts psp slipcover release) the price is already 142$ and going.

Next we move onto a more general sales.

I was very impressed by the price of RENDERING RANGER . It’s a supposedly “rare” game. And expensive one. However i personally  think this is game is waaaay overpriced and overhyped. Every SFC collector has it, easy to get. And i saw prices like 300 euro… And this one – 1121 euro.. wtf??

Shining Force CD  sold for record 255$. Good game. And the price is very high for a Sega CD game too. They never sold above 150$ before. Next is another weird sega cd game called Novastorm . The seller set a  reserve first, and it could not climb over 80$. Then relisted and it magically did 123$. Talk about luck.. lol. Kinda obscure game. I do not remember if i saw it.. too often…

Shiny glossy stinky Super Metroid  players choice version sold for ridiculous 197$. WAY above normal. But hell… it’s Metroid FTW!!11

Another weird record for Xenogears256$ is like 2x for this game. It’s all condition wise, for sure. And it was really good. Alundra did well too! 😛

Game Gear games are like black horses among other sega games. But there are actually game gear collectors out there. And GG games are even hard to find CIB… and sealed are just… VERY HARD. So whenever something besides jungle book and sonic 2 appears, it fetches nice prices. Like this Double Dragon  which sold for 100$ . Very cool addition to someone’s beat em’ up collection!

Next was a very obscure but very nice auction. Mega Man 4 + Bomberman II  for nes. Auction ended for impressive 1225$. WOW, what else i can tell. It’s Mega Man that did the price for sure. I mean.. it’s Mega fucking Man! lol . My records indicate that highest ever MM4 sold for 700$ in 2010. And this is maybe the new record.

That PAL DOOM – Playstation PS1 rocked collectors world last week. Many collectors talked about it and predicted the price. And it surely went high. 245 gbp is an impressive price for any playstation game. Especially if it’s DOOM.

I would like to finish with a weird SNES game called Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? . I don’t know why there was only 1 bidder. This is a rare game. It came with a huge encyclopedia-like book in a very heavy box, just like another Sandiego game. And it’s completely sealed, twice rare. so wtf, just 80$?…

See you next week, your retarded collecting nerd.

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  1. Brett says:

    Hey Pal, can you let me know where can I find Rendering Ranger game at Eur300?
    I’m willing to purchased it at this price. Thanks.

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