Sealed SNES for 3000 Pounds + more consoles madness

We still cannot believe it, but it’s reality now.

One of our members sold a sealed Super Nes Control Set  for THREE THOUSAND ENGISH POUNDS. We thought it would sell for 250-300 gbp.. but THREE THOUSAND? You can buy a couple of cars for that 🙂 . And the deal is confirmed too.

Sealed consoles are always desired and sell no matter what. With each day it’s harder and harder to find one. Most are sticker sealed and therefore have serious corner wear and dents all over. But shrinkwrapped ones survive much better. Hence the price is higher too.

More interesting goodness: Sealed Nintendo 64 UK sold for 470 GBP. On a contrary – Nintendo 64 US sold for just 260$. Talk about price difference.

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  1. Berat says:

    i would buy one does any1 still have a sealed snes pal for sale contact me
    i pay good money

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