Captain Commando + ridiculous SNES sales, sealed Playstation 1 Consoles

I have no idea what’s goin’ on here. One record after another. Demon’s Crest  for 569$? Illusion of Gaia  for 200$Doom for 177$? And ungraded The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for 602$ Wicked shit. And check the others as well. Insane prices. I guess that’s crispy pictures that do the job.

But the main thing is indeed this: Captain Commando Factory Sealed! (Super Nintendo) ending at epic 1333$. This is a good game and one of the most expensive for Super Nintendo. You don’t see it on ebay pretty often. And it’s very cool to see it sell in real time auction. It means it’s a the real deal and the realistic price, not some random BIN.

I have just noticed that same seller sold a sealed Mega Man 7 for Snes for 820$ some time ago. Good one! I wonder when 3 NINJAS KICK BACK  will sell too and for how much.

Some time ago in a surfing raid i noticed a bunch of sealed Sony Playstation 1 Dual Shock Systems … for sale. These were all latest SCPH9001 models but seller had like 4 of them… Maybe and old stock since he deals in electronics. All ended at about 152$. I want one myself too. No money now though 🙁 . Keep in eye maybe he will list again.

Ohh and VGA failure here Dragon Warrior VII – Sony PlayStation – VGA 85. lol

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