Golden Axe 1 , Zelda 1, Castlevania LOD, Ghouls n Ghosts, F1, Mega Man 9 presskit and Duke Nikem 3D Signed!

Another week another clearance. Many great stuff ended! And with new records!

First of all a sealed Golden Axe for Genesis. There was a rumor this game was never sealed, cause it mostly came with the first model of genesis at launch. However there is indeed a sealed copy confirmed. That means that game was indeed available at retail stores some day…

This copy ended at impressive 125$

and a few days later , the desperate second bidder (i guess) got this copy for 150$

I have no clue about gameboy shit. But GOD DAMN!

676$ for F1 pole position??

also another record: 375$ for Ghouls n Ghosts for Genesis! This is just beyond ridiculous. I had no clue this is so sought after!

The original Legend of Zelda for NES with pretty badass tapes ended at 309$.

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness for Nintendo 64 208$ . Pretty mint

Mega Man 9 Press Kit Sealed Capcom Nintendo NES 255$ . gets higher and higher like most mega man stuff

and lastly

Duke Nukem 3D – Sealed box. Signed by the Levelord! 204$

pretty cool item i’d say! signed by Richard Gray, level designer for Duke Nukem , Unreal and so on..

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